Paris By the Numbers

Our family has just celebrated one memorable and enlightening year of living in Paris. During the last 365 days, I have traveled some, but have not been back to the United States. As we prepare to spend our last weeks¬†in the City of Light, I thought I’d begin to process this experience by breaking it down statistically.


Scott and I celebrating Bastille Day in Paris: July 14, 2014.

This is us when we arrived-- our first day in Paris July 10, 2013.

This is us when we arrived– our first day in Paris July 10, 2013. Look at us! So skinny and sober. ūüėČ

Paris By the Numbers

In the last year, here are the Number of Times I Have:

  • visited a museum: 78
  • seen someone urinating in public:¬†14
  • worn workout pants when not exercising: 1
  • exercised on purpose: 6
  • been to the gym: 0
  • driven a car: 0
  • seen¬†drivers stop and nearly fist-fight: 5
  • had to schlep myself, children and groceries¬†a mile or more due to a protest interrupting public transportation: 13
  • had a Coke or other soda: 2
  • eaten fast food: 1
  • been sick: 2.5
  • tried a cigarette: 1
  • wanted to have a cigarette:¬†25 (sorry, it’s not p.c., but these French women are very chic)
  • been to the top of the Eiffel Tower: 7
  • hosted visitors: 44 ¬†(total nights with houseguests: 96!!)
  • swooned over living in Paris: 365
  • watched any Real Housewives episodes: 0 ¬†(brain cells regenerated: 6 million)
  • missed air conditioning: 20
  • been laughed at for attempting to speak French: 3
  • drunk wine: 335
  • eaten cheese: 365
  • eaten baguettes: 365
  • felt guilty about eating bread and cheese 0
  • worn Spanx: 3
  • pounds gained: 11
  • regrets: 0

Here are a few more statistics for you, from a good tourist website (with an English option).  In Paris, there are:

No less than: 173 museums, 37 bridges, 31 monuments, 3 opera houses, 171 churches and temples, 208 theatres and cabarets, 20 covered passageways, 84 cinemas, 14 cemeteries, 108 Wallace fountains, 463 parks and gardens.  (from


More posts to come… thanks for reading. ¬†Merci!

8 thoughts on “Paris By the Numbers

  1. Keep this going…we all live through you and your adventures! Wish I could do the same thing…maybe someday!

  2. Merci Beaucoups for sharing your beautiful adventures with me! I have loved every minute of it. And french butter sounds delightful!!

  3. Ashley,

    So fun! I laughed out loud and so enjoyed your post!!! very interesting numbers!!

    Savor the last few weeks!!

  4. My family and I have really enjoyed your trip and your pictures, keep them coming.
    Enjoyed your stats above. I hope you have a good trip home. A FB buddy, Rob

  5. Please please keep writing…oh yes, and bring as much of the wonderful French butter home with you as possible… Xxoo

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